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Want the Best Streaming Media Players? Here are the Top 5 to Buy!

Streaming media players are expensive. They cost anywhere from $60 to $300. That’s a serious investment. And it isn’t one you make often… But no worries. We’ll make finding the best streamers an easy deal! Just read the list below. We’ll mention the 5 best streaming media players! For there – buy what suits you best!

  1. 1.

    Goo Bang Doo A-Box Pro

    We’re starting off with the cheapest. This item has 1000+ reviews and a 78% rating. So it’s quite popular, and it seems like a budgeter’s favorite! As for price – it’s $60. You don’t get any cheaper than that. But cheap doesn’t equal bad. In fact, this item packs so much value for its price. And that’s why it’s on our list!

    Features. This media player has a Quad-Core “64 bit” CPU. So it’s fast, and it streams without lag problems! It also lets you stream in 4K Ultra HD. And this means quality footage too! Plus, its operation capacity allows for smooth loading without excess buffering. So it’s not just good for saved content… It works amazingly well with online content too!

    Verdict. Over all, it provides the minimum needed for modern days use. And it works well as a first purchase! However, if you want more, you can always seek a better model, such as…

  2. 2.

    Roku Express (3700CA)

    This item has 460+ reviews, with a 90% rating. Plus, it’s $67.50, so it’s only a few dollars more than the A-Box. And as the ratings imply, it’s a higher quality media streamer! Specifically…

    Features. It’s small and compact. You won’t feel its presence. So you can literally use it to stream anywhere! It works well for TVs, laptops, cinemas – and the internet! And we’d like to specify the online part… You see, the remote control gives you direct access to some popular media sites! Specifically, you can access… Spotify. NETFLIX. TED. Google Play. Amazing, right? With the click of a button, you can quickly switch to a “mass of video content”! Thus, you’ll find that the Roku Express works best for older people. And it’s just like the “old satellite system!”

  3. 3.

    Android TV Box T9

    Maybe you want a more advanced streamer. If so, try the T9. It has 150+ reviews, with an 80% rating. Plus, it’s only $80. So while not as popular as the previous two, it still has some good specs!

    Features. It comes with 4GB RAM, and 32GB ROM. It’s also a Quad-Core, with an Android 8.1 operating system. Immediately, this signals excellent processing capacity. This streamer doesn’t lag or buffer for too long! Plus, it supports 2.4G Wi-Fi, and 4.1 Bluetooth. This lets you stream content from multiple sources too! Finally, this device can stream videos in 3D + 4K Ultra HD. And all that means premium quality right at home!

  4. 4.

    Leelbox Q4 S

    It has 970+ reviews with an 80% rating. It also costs $80. Looking at this item’s features, you’ll see that it’s very similar to the earlier mentioned T9 Box. It shares much beyond pricing and specs. So consider it a “more popular/trusted” model!

    Features. It has the T9’s RAM, but double the ROM (64 GB). This makes it automatically better. And it comes with additional unique features too! The Q4 is a USB 3.0 smart box. So it quickly transfers and loads files from USBs! If that’s where your movies/videos are stored – then it’s time to rejoice!

  5. 5.

    NVIDIA Shield TV.

    The last item on our list. And it’s the most popular thus far. It has 1500+ reviews, and a 90% rating. It looks quite slick. And it’s something a professional streamer would own. Only problem is – it’s $230.

    Why? This streamer is “world class.” In fact it’s so good, it works as a “home theatre” device. It works for professional online streaming. It’s what you need as a popular influencer or as someone who needs uninterrupted live content. And it gives you access to everything – from internet to TV, and even games! It’s the state of the art streamer, and it’s the current “luxury standard” for them. If that’s what you need, then be sure to buy it now!